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Petrointech is a Saudi based Industrial and Environmental Solutions provider. Petrointech is specialized for Oil to Gas technologies, Waste Heat Boilers, Water Quality Monitoring (all types of Water), Emission Monitoring, Zero Emission Solutions etc., Petrointech also specialized in providing very innovative and cutting edge technologies in the market.

Petrointech is based in Al Khobar, Eastern province of Saudi Arabia and providing solutions all over the Kingdom.

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We are partnered with most innovative technology providers for reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

Fenceline Monitoring of VOCs

Quantitative measurement of all the Gases crossing the physical fence of plant or facility as per local regulatory standards or US-EPA standards.

Upstream and Downstream

Indirect heater, Electrostatic heater treaters, Phase separators, GDUs, WHBs, etc

Water Quality Monitoring

Online measurement of pH, TOC, COD, BOD, Chlorine and many more in Drinking Water, Potable Water, Waste Water and Sea Water.

Emission Monitoring

Stack flue gas monitoring to measure SOx, NOx, CO and Opacity.

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